Customer Testimonials

Computer was as advertised, came on time. No problems.

Marilyn, 4/14/2016

...Shipped the package securely...

(Computer Upgrade King) shipped the package securely, and was very responsive to my inquiries about the bios access secret. The TS140 system is compact, extremely quiet, and is solidly built. The two rubber disk drive 'sleds' are a bit funky, but they seem to work. The drive bay layout is also pretty funky - Too bad a simple stackable drive cage was not possible.

Highlander J., 4/14/2016

Very satisfied with the product and service. Would definitely recommend this seller and will order again.

Dave C., 4/14/2016

Nice price and timely delivery.

Thomas L., 4/14/2016

Awesome computer!

Water Woman, 4/14/2016

Would definitely recommend ...

The laptop itself had a defective GPU so I ended up returning. The customer service was exceptional and issued a full refund immediately upon receipt of return. They also helped me pick out a replacement laptop which I appreciated immensely. Would definitely recommend purchasing from this seller if you're looking for a high performance laptop.

CUK Customer, 4/13/2016

Got it on time and is working good

Keith M., 4/13/2016

Prompt delivery and very nice product,well made and great price!

Cindy N., 4/13/2016

Laptop works great, arrived as described.

9Iron, 4/13/2016

Good price, arrived on time and in good condition!

James C., 4/13/2016

Well done Computer Upgrade King!!!

I had the chance to communicate with the people at Computer Upgrade King. Responses were fast, courteous and professional. They did a great job of setting up my new MSI PE70 laptop. The machine is more than described, where it is fast and runs well. They are certainly a reseller that I will visit in the future.

Bob, 4/13/2016

This a nice "little" desktop.

It makes no noise and takes up very little space. It is fast enough to do what I need it to do,,, which isn't much. I stream music, check email and do some web surfing. I have an iMac that is my primary machine.

CUK Customer, 4/13/2016

Great laptop, would buy again from shipper seeing the included 3 year warranty!

Frank, 4/13/2016

I received what I ordered, when promised. Computer is as advertised and working very well!

Dawglover04, 4/13/2016

Fast and courteous service.

This Macbook Pro is a great replacement from my 2008 model. Thank you.

Dawglover04, 4/13/2016

Great buying experience.

Very good support, all my questions were happily answered.

Jaedon B. , 4/12/2016

The computer is great, no problems. Arrived on time as told. Thumbs up on seller.

Ronny C., 4/12/2016

I have come to embrace chrome books and their OS.

These machines provide an inexpensive way for me to take my business mobile.

Chris B., 4/12/2016

Couldn't be happier with my E550.

SSD makes starting a snap. Lenovo has great warranty options. Lenovo allows for computer changes and shows you how to do them. The screen isn't 4K but I'm still impressed with the detail. Overall this product feels solid and well worth the money.

Stanly, 4/12/2016

Awesome Laptop for the price. CUK was on point

Crzylgz, 4/12/2016

...A top seller on my list.

There are a few companies like Computer Upgrade Kings out there with offers. But my experience with their support and the quality work they did make them a top seller on my list.

Bob M., 4/12/2016

Thank you

The first outer box was battered, the second inner box had a dent. The product inside the 3rd inner box was undamaged. I was worried, but the item inside was undamaged. It arrived when it was supposed to.

Unhinged232, 4/11/2016

Service provided was excellent.

Delivered address resident was able to receive prior to departure from the US and deliver for me overseas in sufficient time. A very welcomed item. Thank you.

Stephen A., 4/11/2016

Great shopping and shipping experience. So fat this has been a great computer.

David W., 4/11/2016


Jose M., 4/10/2016

The drive caddies worked great . No problem installing drive . A +++

Richard R., 4/10/2016

Was surprised to see the warranty they offer besides the manufactures. Will order from them again.

CUK Customer, 4/10/2016

I love my computer.

You are truly good people to buy from. I got everything that said was on the computer plus some free extra's.

Joe, 4/10/2016

I got this the next day ...

Right before I was to leave my old computer died. I got this the next day and was able to go and do my business with the new computer.

Christie R., 4/10/2016

Good price and it was delivered on time and in good condition.

Lynette K., 4/9/2016

I can easily recommend them.

Bought a laptop... and it was delivered on time and in perfect state. I had a couple of issues and the customer support was amazing, a couple of hours and everything was done and ready.

Alejandro P., 4/9/2016

Would purchase again

I would highly recommend buying through CUK. There was a slight snafu with my order but CUK Support were prompt and courteous and they resolved the issue to my satisfaction and then some. They went above and beyond to correct the order mistake and ensured I was taken care of. A+, would purchase again.

Uroboric F., 4/9/2016

Purchased to be able to play my PC games on my Acer Aspire m5, has worked well for me so far.

F., 4/9/2016

Lenovo is the best deal.

R.J.F., 4/9/2016

The laptop shipped quickly and was exactly as described

T. Yee, 4/8/2016

I can run multiple tracks...

I ordered this computer to use to run Ableton Live 9 Standard with Omnisphere, Trillian & Stylus RMX Expanded VSTs for music production. I can run multiple tracks with multiple effects with no apparent latency. I don't even have to run in Sport Mode. So far I have gotten away with running the software in Comfort Mode without hesitation. Note the unallocated space on a 512 SSD is 173gb.

Arnie G., 4/8/2016

Arrived on time, well-packaged, thanks much!

L. Seldomane, 4/8/2016

Great deal, I'll be back.

Don J., 4/8/2016

Great product - just as described. SSD hard drive is fast.

Commercial Buyer, 4/7/2016

As advertised. A nice, fast PC with many options.

CUK Customer, 4/7/2016

Product as described, installed smoothly

Iddeville, 4/7/2016

The system was delivered on time, very good quality and performs well.

Kenshin, 4/7/2016

I am very satisfied with order.

Very good Laptop. Until now everything is OK. Is very fast, low noise, excellent picture....

A. Kunde, 4/7/2016

HP chromebook mailed very quickly...

HP chromebook mailed very quickly, but on arrival, it was defective- wireless would not connect to wireless network, and after several attempts to solve problem, no such luck. but after sending it back, refund was quickly given to my account. seller was quick to refund with no problem. definitely a problem caused by HP, buy not the seller. thank you for a pleasant end to this

Steve Y., 4/7/2016

Perfect sale; great computer; thanks!

Belisama, 4/7/2016


Excellent value, excellent service, and I was really surprised to receive the backpack, headphones, and other gear two weeks later. Awesome!

first_baptist_bristol, 4/7/2016

I will shop Computer King more often after this purchase.

The item was prompt and packaged well.Their pricing is good and comparable to others, so I did not feel like I was overpaying. I picked them because I could use Prime and then purchased one-day because I needed my laptop right away. Thank you Computer King.

SLG, 4/6/2016

The fan booster is awesome...

Only used it for a total of probably two hours. It ran DOTA really smoothly and Goat Simulator flawlessly. I played Counter Strike: Global Conquest for about a half hour on automatic settings and it seemed a little jumpy. Initial start up takes quite a while. The fan booster is awesome and when running multiple applications it stayed at 41 degrees C., but VERY loud.

S. Beeson, 4/6/2016

Thank you CUK!

My new machine arrived in a timely manner and booted flawlessly...It was supposed to come with Windows 10 preinstalled but that was a minor issue that I took care of myself. Customer service has been good when I have had to call, ie., extending my warranty.

I thought it was especially cool that about 3 days after I received my computer, I got a package in the mail with a bunch of sway including a mouse pad, keychain, stuffed dragon, keyboard cover, and a huge backpack (my laptop is 17" so finding one that fits is hard).

I would definitely order again from CUK. Their prices are unbeatable (and I did my due diligence before I ordered!).

John S., 4/6/2016

Thank You for a great product at a great price.

I got it today via UPS , it's running great setup was easy ! I really like this computer so far no Issues to report. Thank You for a great product at a great price.

Alex, 4/5/2016

Well worth the money

OMG!!! I love this computer. It rips it up. Well worth the money.

Maria, 4/5/2016

nice Chromebook! It's fast and easy to set up and use

This is a nice Chromebook! It's fast and easy to set up and use and the screen size/resolution are wonderful. I was looking for a quick computer to use and most of the stuff I do is on the internet and via Chrome (calendar, email, drive etc) so this was a great computer for me. It lacks some function when not on wifi and doesn't have a cd-drive but I'm ok with that since I mainlyuse it in my home.

Arielle, 4/5/2016

Good experience, no regrets.

I really like these little desktops. They seem to be very durable and there's so much in a small package, like 5 usb ports and one of those is high-speed. Very good price point for the features. So much so that I bought two!

Straight Shooter, 4/5/2016

Good school computer...Satisfied

Got what I asked for and all details were accurately listed. Good school computer not to be used on anything requiring too high of memory unless you have a lot of usb memory.

Shanna, 4/5/2016

Computer Upgrade King patiently walked me thru troubleshooting which got me up and running.

I recently purchased a Lenovo server which I customized.

Richard M., 4/5/2016

Excellent product at a great price.

Packaging was just right and the machine is impressive.

Eddie Z., 4/4/2016

The item arrived as promised in great working order.

The configuration was as expected, and the warranty, service, and good humor were well appreciated.

Bonanzask, 4/4/2016

This was a no hassle transaction.

It arrived on time and set up as advertised at a very reasonable price.

Russ F., 4/4/2016

I would recommend CUKUSA.

I usually order directly through Dell, HP, etc., but I was able to obtain several added features (i.e., dual SSD and HDD hard drives) that were not available on the stock laptop from HP. I have had no reason to contact Computer Upgrade King, so I can not comment on their service. Based on the upgraded items I received, I would buy from CUKUSA again in the future.

David T., 4/4/2016

It arrived on time and was exactly like it said it the description

Russell, 4/4/2016

Very happy with their focus on support.

Generally, after purchase support is poor and CUK seemingly wants to change that experience.

JJ M., 4/4/2016

Excellent laptop.

I do not understand the complaints some people have left on this laptop, such as how the touch mouse feels (feels and works fine to me) and bloatware on the computer. If you don't like it, just uninstall it. The laptop is fantastic and the best I have ever had. I am happy I made this purchase.

Raevynn, 4/3/2016

Customer service was excellent.

The one small hiccup is that my DVD drive won't open by software command nor by hardware button. I believe that they parted out the disc drive to make room for a storage unit, which is fine, but was not mentioned to me. I asked about Blu-Ray drives and it would have saved the heartache by knowing that it wouldn't have mattered in the first place since its's gone.

Shannon W., 4/3/2016

Server arrived in excellent condition and shipped quickly.

Brett, 4/3/2016

The Best!

Amazing just like the image, on time.

Dayris M., 4/3/2016

Great people, good service.

I bought a highly customized Lenovo machine, it was received timely, everything was in order and as per the expectation.

JJ M., 4/3/2016

Great server.

I keep it in a corner in my bedroom and I can not even hear it when sleeping. Limited to 32GB of RAM but good for most uses. Built in RAID card does not work with VMWare ESXi. Built in NIC is not supported either. Had to find a guide on how to inject the drivers in the ESXi installer. Actual performance is fantastic.

Luce, 4/2/2016


ALM, 4/2/2016

Exactly as described! Very fast Shipping! Thank you!

Edward H., 4/2/2016

I'm very pleased.

I bought a no-frills server with a terrabyte of disk, added Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse and a nice big Dell monitor, installed Ubuntu Linux, and I've had a workhorse of a machine that has served me faithfully for over a year now.

Mason W., 4/2/2016

2nd purchase...and totally satisfied

This is the second time I have purchased from this company and I was totally satisfied with both purchases. The computer was exactly as advertised and at an excellent price.

James M., 4/1/2016

Very fast shipping.

Estimated arrival was 4-5 weeks during purchase, but it arrived within three business days. Laptop matched description and had no issues or...

Muad'dib, 4/1/2016

Well Pleased With Product and Service.

Mario M., 4/1/2016

The laptop itself is a beast.

However as with all IPS monitors there is a little backlight bleed in the lower right corner but it's minimal.

CUK Customer, 4/1/2016

Grand Kids Love It!

Ron, 4/1/2016

Fast shipping and great computer!

William M., 4/1/2016

Thanks! A+A+A+A+A+

Lightning Fast Shipping! Excellent Quality! Very Well Done!

Jim F., 4/1/2016

I have nothing but accolades for Computer Upgrade King.

I've never received a new computer that has been so simple to 'break in'. Everything functioned flawlessly from my first boot and it was a very painless operation to migrate from my last ASUS laptop to my new ASUS laptop. Simply a wonderful experience. Customizing was also very simple, and the company was very responsive when I had a question prior to purchase. Keep doing what you're doing, it works!

Kenneth H., 4/1/2016

I loved the service from CUK.

They shipped quickly. They didn't have what I needed in stock, but offered me the same model with an extra 4GB of RAM with no extra charge. Gotta love that! I loved the deals they have. I've been very happy with my PC and would buy from them again. I've had this computer for 2 years and it has worked flawlessly. Also, virus and malware scans found it totally clean.

Sarah S., 4/1/2016

Awesome product and swift delivery!

Margaret, 4/1/2016

It is running really well so far.

So as of the product itself i am pretty satisfied with it. As of the seller himself, id recommend this seller to anyone one for laptops because my product was as described in the details of the advertisement. I didn't have to contact the seller at all but it was only because i had no problems.

CUK Customer, 3/31/2016

Would Buy From CUKUSA Again.

The product was an MSI Gaming Laptop. Shipped fast. Was delivered a week earlier than scheduled. Product was in mint condition with no issues which was surprising because the cost was so much lower than other sellers. I was unsure if I was going to get a legit laptop. Everything was great though.

Astherushcomes13, 3/31/2016

Ordered, it arrived the day I expected in perfect condition.

Pat F., 3/31/2016

Nice System

Replaced older I3 HP that was a good PC but it had power off random situations, probably Motherboard. Retired and spend a lot of day with politics, college football sites, social media & day trading programs .. this new system is faster, love the SSD drive with Win10 loaded.Did add a 2 GB video card for better performance on dual 27" monitors.

Baldbarian, 3/31/2016

Love the laptop! Great Buy!

Freddie F., 3/30/2016

Thanks So Much!

This seller was very prompt in sending my laptop and getting it to me ASAP. That is EXACTLY what I needed.

Aaron M., 3/30/2016

I Loved This Computer!

When I ordered I thought it had a disk drive, but it doesn't. Didn't like that, but as I understand I could have ordered it with one. My mistake, my fault.

Sandra D., 3/30/2016

Fast and Serious!

J. L., 3/30/2016

Love This!

Its lightweight and much smaller than a laptop.

Linda R., 3/30/2016

I would STRONGLY recommend doing business with CUKUSA.

I purchased my ASUS ROG G750JX from Computer Upgrade King in December of 2013. In February, 2016 I experienced an issue with my Wi-Fi. I contacted CUK to make sure I was about to download the correct driver for my Wi-Fi. The representative I spoke with began to walk me through a few things and had me send him some screen shots. During our conversation I also mentioned that my webcam didn’t seem to be working. He gave me some suggestions for that. By the time I applied all of his suggestions, BOTH problems were resolved. This individual was extremely pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and took quite a bit of time (nearly 30 minutes) to provide EXTREMELY helpful information that resulted in a COMPLETE resolution of both issues. I am no longer under warrantee so this assistance is exceptional. If you are considering the purchase of anything from Computer Upgrade King, I would STRONGLY recommend doing business with them.

Dean D., 3/29/2016

Definitely will buy from you again.

Nice and pleasant transaction. Very good product. Definitely will buy from you again.

Svet, 3/29/2016

Item arrived quickly. Amazing item.

SG, 3/29/2016

Happy that CUK was able to offer the best price on such a great computer! Thanks

I was disappointed when the price of this computer increased just a few hours after I added it to my cart. I understand that prices can change even after you add an item to your cart, but I've never seen the price of an item fluctuate so much. Thankfully, the price dropped towards the original price. And, I was happy that the seller was able to offer the best price on such a great computer! Thanks

Brandon D., 3/29/2016

Overall good value

Unit delivered as promised and as described. Overall good value

Paul H., 3/29/2016

Nice machine, easy to use.

CUK Customer, 3/29/2016

It was prompt and functional. Nice.

Antonio W,, 3/29/2016

Excellent computer. Love it.

Denny M., 3/28/2016

thank you for the quick shipping.

Liz, 3/29/2016

Quick response and received as promised

I received a quick response on my order and it was received as promised. Thank you.

Vic S., 3/29/2016

I am an IT specialist..CUK was very easy to deal with

This is a great laptop. I am an IT specialist. I chose this laptop for 1 of my customers. It is light weight and sturdy. The keyboard has a nice feel and layout. The monitor is a nice size and the colors are crisp and clear. Computer Upgrade King was very easy to deal with. They quickly processed my order and shipped the computer right away. I would highly recommend this laptop and this vendor.

Gene C., 3/29/2016

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