Customer Testimonials

Thanks for such nice service

Andrea S., 5/5/2016

The item was delivered on time and ran amazingly

Jonathan P., 5/5/2016

I already have plans to purchase another...

The ThinkServer TS140 is a very nice peace of equipment. I added my own HDD and had the system imaged and running within minutes. I already have plans to purchase anotherof these devices for another client who is need of a server replacement.

dsrelawsx4 , 5/5/2016

Ordered this for an IT friend. He said it was a really good purchase!

Carol A., 5/5/2016

Good service. Item as expected.

Sarah H., 5/5/2016

Everything was as promised

Tami W., 5/5/2016

Great service all round

John C., 5/5/2016

Great Customer Service

This is the second computer I've ordered from them and the service has been exceptional both times. Responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable.

CUK Customer, 5/5/2016

I would definitely buy from them again.

This laptop works perfectly for what I wanted in a laptop. Although there was a bit of a delay in delivery, that was on the part of UPS themselves and not the seller as it did come in on the estimated delivery date.

Andrew Y., 5/5/2016

Exactly what I needed. Fast shipping.

Jerry C., 5/5/2016

Great product Great Shipping

Singing Dove, 5/5/2016

Laptop is working great. Delivery was Exactly what they said it would be

John N., 5/4/2016

Great Experience!! everything as expected.Packed and delivered on time

Eyual T., 5/4/2016

Great product. Arrived fast

Ben W., 5/4/2016

Great Buy!!

Gregory P., 5/4/2016

Purchased as a gift. Recipient love it and uses it daily.

Polly C., 5/4/2016

Just what was ordered. No too quick on shipping but that was stated up front.

BnL Enterprises, Inc., 5/4/2016

Very Happy with the Laptop. Very fast and clean operation.

John M., 5/4/2016

Excellent computer. Plugged it in and off we went. Thank you.

John D., 5/4/2016


Luis L., 5/4/2016

Good Seller

Ben C., 5/4/2016

Arrived on time. In perfect condition. I love it!

Eric H., 5/4/2016

Everything was as expected. I am very happy with this laptop.

Valentina S., 5/4/2016

Really good computer. worth the price

Tiger, 5/4/2016

Highly recommend this seller, Thanks

Fast shipping reasonable pricing, Item was a described no surprises,

Tom, 5/4/2016

Everything was as specified and arrived in a timely manner.

You can't ask for more than that. Well, you could, but there might be laws, local, state, federal, regarding your request, so it is best not to get into that.

John S., 5/3/2016

Love this laptop so far. No complaints. Light and easy to use

Roxanne C., 5/3/2016

Great Computer

Natasha D., 5/3/2016

Received the computer in a timely fashion, in excellent shape (looked like new) met all my expectations

Melody R., 5/3/2016

We had ordered from CUK before and their service remains excellent.

We had ordered from CUK before and their service remains excellent. I ordered the laptop on Saturday and it was delivered the following Monday and the computer was as described. Of course it helps to order a Lenovo computer, always a good choice.

B. and C. Wood, 5/3/2016

Nice computer great price point

Marc S., 5/3/2016

Item is as described and arrived promptly.

SteelRyder, 5/3/2016

Item arrived very quickly and in excellent condition!

Brian T., 5/2/2016

Awesome laptops!!! Thanks a lot! !!

CUK Customer, 5/2/2016

Laptop has worked well. Great deal!

Strings42, 5/2/2016

Fast shipping

PCC, 5/2/2016

Excellent Memory Sticks, I am using them with my Dell Laptop

Nayef, 5/2/2016

Nice unit, well packed...

no dings or scratches, and booted to 1st time set up with no issues... NO physical media with the system... W10 and backup is on a partitioned 'D' drive. Would recommend an immediate backup of the drives just in case...

Dave S., 5/2/2016

The computers are excellent. the came as exactly as discribe

Neville R., 5/2/2016

Great experience

Adrian M., 5/2/2016

Fine product best price, arrived before schedule.

Box was damaged, but laptop fired right up. This replaced a 10 year old Lenovo. See you in 10 years!

Michael G., 5/2/2016

Everything works great so far.

Added a small wireless keyboard and it makes it the perfect "Portable Desktop" - I work from home some days and it will be perfect for working by the pool but still large enough to have all of my spreadsheets open for work.

Carrol R., 5/1/2016

Will definitely use again, beautiful laptop very satisfied AAAAAAA+++++++

Sandy S., 5/1/2016

Arrived on time and in great condition, would definitely do business again.

Marcos A., 5/1/2016

Got here when it said and packed very well in 3 boxes and lots of foam I'm very pleased!

Freman91, 5/1/2016

Nice laptop. Just perfect for our needs.

A. J. P., 4/30/2016

This computer is silent!! Awesome fan system.

4 fans and I can't hear them if I put my ear to the computer. It was a little challenging for installing the os since it mainly supports server install, but I got it, maybe just.

Anthony K., 4/30/2016

Would purchase again from CUKUSA

T. S., 4/30/2016


Excellent Seller and I'd have no reservations from order items through Computer Upgrade King in the future.

James H., 4/30/2016

Exactly what my ailing laptop needed.

Cloned over with Acronis then expanded the partition to fill the drive. Now a failing 500 is a healthy terabit!

Tri-County T., 4/30/2016

Good Laptop

Carlos T., 4/30/2016

Excellent product, very pleased

AWESOME computer. When windows 8 came out - i switched to a Mac and have been very happy however this machine with Windows 10 is every bit as good as a Mac (silent, fast, well made, etc.) and is much less $$. Plus it can play more games.

Divine4321, 4/30/2016

Item delivered on time and as advertised. Very happy with the product and I am currently using it to write this comment.

George, 4/29/2016

Shipped very quickly and arrived as advertised! Thank you!

Jennifer, 4/29/2016

Great price for a good little device.

Jeffery G., 4/29/2016

Great laptop Hp is the best

Seyi A., 4/29/2016

Arrived in time and as expected

Genevieve K., 4/29/2016

Reasonable shipping times, the right price... not much else to say.

Johnny C. , 4/29/2016

Always great service!!

Ameen J. , 4/29/2016

Product as described service excellent

Michael , 4/29/2016

It showed up on time and this laptop is a BEAST!

I love it! Worth investing in, and I would buy another any time!

Michael J., 4/28/2016

Good Item, good deal, good seller!

Genesis A., 4/28/2016

A Pleasure

I have purchased many computers from (CUK) and have been satisfied with the computers received.

David A., 4/28/2016

Item works perfectly and was exactly as advertised.

CUK Customer, 4/28/2016

It arrived as advertised and fast!

Jason B., 4/28/2016

Kudos to (CUK) for great customer service!

The computer arrived as promised, but it experienced problems running updates for Windows. Long story short: I contacted the seller, they determined it was a faulty part, and they promptly issued an exchange. The replacement computer arrived as promised, and there have been no problems with it. The great service was a pleasant surprise!

Andrew K., 4/28/2016

Excellent seller, nothing to say about it. Probably I'll buy something again : D

CUK Customer, 4/28/2016

It was easy and got what I order. The laptop is amazing!

Patricia, 4/28/2016

Works great came in when it said it would, loving it.

Ruff, 4/28/2016

Great computer, no lag whatsoever.

Only annoying thing is constant updates to windows, but that's to be expected with new computers. Would definately purchase MSI again.

CUK Customer, 4/28/2016

Provided what was described in a timely fashion without any problems.

The only disappointment was there was no CD drive, but that was my fault for not questioning the fact it was not part of the item description.

George A., 4/28/2016

Awesome computer love it was worth it thanks.

Mike E., 4/28/2016

Should be alright, because I haven't tested the HDD, I have a WD blue 7200RPM 3.5" HDD for my desktop.

Abdulrahman, 4/28/2016

Was very fast process and it was as described

Ezzeldin M., 4/28/2016

Love my new laptop, and the price was great, and the shipping was super fast.

KK Vegas, 4/28/2016

Very pleased with this purchase. Fast delivery and product delivered as promised - new.

Terry J., 4/27/2016

Great. Everything as expected.

Tom Harvey, 4/27/2016

So far, this computer is great!!! Exactly as described.

Angie J., 4/27/2016

CUK has great customer service.

The most amazing piece of technology I have ever bought. No issues so far, will update if anything changes.

JVP77, 4/27/2016

Nice Buy!

Francisco J., 4/27/2016

As advertised. Works great!

Calvin L., 4/27/2016

Solid machine.

Intended as a replacement for a 10 year old box that died. Swapped the HD to this system and booted immediately with only one minor issue. The on-board NIC interface wasn't recognized by my OLD version of Linux. An $8.00 NIC card fixed that and the machine is working great. Even arrived 1 day early instead of the normal 2-day Prime shipping.

Z-man, 4/27/2016

Awesome product great price and fast shipping

Adam R., 4/27/2016

Great packaging...quick delivery.

CUK Customer, 4/27/2016

Good price, good computer. works perfect and arrived earlier than promised

Michael S., 4/26/2016

Item came on time and as described! Thanks.

Enix Networks Extras, 4/26/2016

Very pleased with the seller and the product ordered . Everything was excellent !

Terreton P., 4/26/2016

Excellent service. I thank you good sir you are a scholar and a gentleman

Jesse T., 4/26/2016

Quick shipping, good packaging.

Works great. Would be nice if it included cloning software, but I had my own Acronis 2015.

Richard A., 4/26/2016

Arrived on time well packaged.

Great product. Just have to figure out how to print.

Myron R., 4/25/2016

Extremely pleased with CUKUSA and product

Barnacle Bill, 4/25/2016

Computer has been running very well.

There is a small challenge, nothing major though. My finger print scanner works on and off. It's probably a simple fix, but other then that it's been great! I have had it for a little over a month now.

Lonelle C., 4/25/2016

Good price, great computer

Dustin, 4/25/2016

Very good. Just what I was looking for

Jen, 4/25/2016

Great hard drive showed up right on time in a retail box

Justin T., 4/25/2016

...I will definitely be buying from CUK again!

First purchase of a computer from an online retailer. Amazing prices and great product, packaging, and warranty. I have to upgrade more dated computers at work soon, I will definitely be buying from CUK again!

Jeremy L., 4/25/2016

It's perfect! Battery lasts long, screen is big, fast, everything is great!!!!!!!!!!

CUK Customer, 4/25/2016

The laptop arrived right on time. I would do business with this seller anytime!

Chip R., 4/25/2016

Love my Chromebook

Kelley, 4/24/2016

Works like the original product. Great price!

PC Ulter, 4/24/2016

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