Customer Testimonials

Thanks CUK!.

Computer was packaged well, wife loves it. Second computer I've purchased from CUK and I will be coming back to this particular seller in the future. Quality products at a great price.

J.R. Dabinett, 5/21/2016

The hard drive is as described and arrived before the estimated delivery date.

J.R. Dabinett, 5/21/2016

100% satisfied. Recommended seller.

CUK Customer, 5/20/2016

Customer service is outstanding.

Justin L., 5/20/2016

Everything was fine. Keep up the good work.

JFMH, 5/20/2016

Thank you!

It was a very nice surprise because it showed up a day early.

Ceci, 5/20/2016

Item arrived quickly and as described by the seller.

Almighty Pain, 5/20/2016

Everything was good

Grossmnma, 5/20/2016

Thanks much comp upgrade king!!

Arrived on time, well-packaged, works great.

L. Seldomane, 5/20/2016


We've been using Computer Upgrade King for our desktop purchases for some time now and have always been pleased with the products.

Laureate G., 5/20/2016

Well packed, arrived as promised, was as described. Second unit purchased from this seller, no problems

Slickdome, 5/20/2016

Great seller, great product

R.Barron, 5/20/2016



Alan G., 5/20/2016

Fast shipping. Great product. I couldn't be happier.

Daniel, 5/20/2016

Delivered as promised in pristine condition.

Eric S., 5/19/2016

Fantastic SSD, excellent after sales support.

Titanium Countess, 5/19/2016


Bought this for my primary PC, which supports the mSATA on the motherboard. Now I'm saving up for that 1TB version next year.

Ronnie G., 5/19/2016

It is a right pick for my business.

Manjinder, 5/19/2016

Fast and easy

Ben L., 5/19/2016

Fast shipping, great price and excellent product. What more can you ask for. I will do business with you again....

Evan C., 5/19/2016

Great machine at a great price

Jim K., 5/19/2016

Super Fast Shipping a+

CCSS, 5/18/2016

Comp was as advertised, great price for the specs.

James T., 5/18/2016

System worked as advertised.

Jonathan L., 5/18/2016

Really great customer service.

I had a question about my order and the issue was taken care of in 15 minutes of first contacting them.

Jeff O. , 5/18/2016

Delivered as stated, thanks

T.J.S., 5/18/2016

Arrived fast. Works great.

Alan D., 5/18/2016

Thank you!

Beautiful and light to carry, this is a great laptop. Very efficient, and I'm very pleased with it. I put a linux OS on here as well, but the Win7 it came with was working perfectly. All the drivers and everything was correct, and the hardware was good to go.

James W., 5/17/2016

Prompt delivery and working perfectly

Maria, 5/17/2016

This is an amazingly fast computer.

I do visual effects and all the other computers that I've used lag and take days to render, but this computer does it in a matter of minutes. It's top-notch.

Kimathi1, 5/17/2016

Great specs with with fantastic speed...

Great specs with with fantastic speed, perfect for medium range gaming and business use, only issues were when I first used strange things occurred but were fixed after updated all the drivers and windows 10 to the latest version great bang for buck when considering how much memory this thing packs in

Cole S., 5/16/2016

Nice system, runs great. Awesome value for the price.

Steve M., 5/16/2016

Super fast in all respects. Would purchase from again.

Michael L., 5/16/2016

Received the item promptly.

I purchased a ThinkPad keyboard from Computer Upgrade King and received the item promptly. One of the keys was damaged, but Computer Upgrade King was able to send me a replacement key. My only complaint is the packaging. There simply wasn't as much protection for the keys as I would have expected. A simple piece of cardboard strapped across the keyboard would probably have done the job.

Hanna S., 5/15/2016

2 thumbs up. Great product AND great service. Recommend to anyone looking for a gaming (or just 1st rate and fast) laptop.

Worm, 5/15/2016

Purchase arrived early and worked flawlessly. I am one Happy Camper.

Kris R., 5/15/2016

Great seller to deal with and order from.

Zen D., 5/15/2016

Excellent product..thanks!!!

Eduardo C., 5/15/2016

Great product !

Nancy R., 5/15/2016

Great product as described. Would highly recommend!

Dr. J.D.H., 5/14/2016

Great deal - Item arrived safely and in EX condition - Thank you!

CUK Customer , 5/14/2016

Received item within 4 days. So far product is good

Claudette P., 5/14/2016

Exactly what I ordered and shipped fast! Thanks!

Timothy R., 5/14/2016

Came as described and working in service would definitely buy from this seller again

Dennis D., 5/14/2016

Can't go wrong with fine service from Computer Upgrade King.

George A., 5/14/2016

As described and on time; very satisfied.

R.V., 5/13/2016

Excellent service, thank you!

Issac N., 5/13/2016

No problems - item arrived in good condition and as described. Thank you!

Jessica M., 5/13/2016

Awesome seller.

Professional service. Great Product. Best price I could find anywhere. Do not hesitate to trust the folks at Computer Upgrade King. Very happy with the transaction, shipping, and product. Two weeks after my purchase I received well over $100 worth of accessories that I did not know were coming. May have been a promotion from MSI, or simply a thank you from CUK, I'm not sure.

Larry, 5/13/2016

As promised, fast delivery, no problem whatsoever

El G., 5/13/2016

Very prompt delivery

David H., 5/12/2016

This computer is powerful!

Antennae, 5/12/2016

I am most definitely a satisfied customer. Prompt shipping.

James H., 5/12/2016

No unpleasant surprises

Product arrived on the advertised date, well packaged, and in good working order.

Steve S., 5/12/2016

Excellent low cost laptop for browsing, email, and Facebook

Mike C., 5/12/2016

Excellent Seller. Thank You.

Joao P., 5/12/2016

Easy smooth transaction

Garage Door Repair, 5/12/2016

I am very pleased with my computer from Computer Upgrade King.

It is in my opinion the best computer that I have ever had, I have told all my friends about it, and when they are ready for a new computer they will consider buying one similar to this computer from Computer Upgrade King.

Vivian C., 5/12/2016

On time and great product

lbjlbjlb, 5/12/2016

Awesome computer. No regrets

J. Hoopes, 5/11/2016

First time experience was great.

CUK Customer, 5/11/2016

The transaction went smooth.

Kingsley, 5/11/2016

Wasn't happy with paying extra for 1 day shipping and didn't get a shipping date until after order processed.

Michelle T., 5/11/2016

Great Seller

I have had more than one experience with them and thy are reliable.

Hector R., 5/11/2016

Works Great.

Computer came 4 days before deadline. Works great. I do 3D design and use 2 mice to do so. The screen seems to be more of a nuisance when I point at my picture during presentation which sends it into a spiral. Touchscreen Might be better if you do more typing than designing.

Mark, 5/10/2016

It arrived on time and was well packaged.

CUK Customer, 5/10/2016

Great all the way through.

The Chromebook was delivered as promised and is exactly as described. I am excited to have it and although it's only been a few days, the Chromebook is operating perfectly.

Kathleen W., 5/10/2016

I couldn't have asked for a better build for a rig.

This gaming PC handles most of my needs like a dream and based on its specs, it will be good for all my gaming performance needs for the next 3 years minimum. The upgrade to the original Leopard allows for almost instant boot up and it runs like a dream. I couldn't have asked for a better build for a rig.

Mathew R., 5/10/2016

Thank You!

The Item arrived on time and in excellent condition and protection.

Jose A., 5/9/2016

This was exactly what I wanted...

This was exactly what I wanted and was exactly the same RAM chip in my laptop. I couldn't be happier. Price was great as well.

PK Design, 5/9/2016

Arrived on time, well-packaged, works like a charm.

L. Seldomane, 5/9/2016

Quick delivery. I will use this vendor again.

Ken W., 5/9/2016

Package arrived on time with no damage.

Issac R., 5/9/2016

Item was as advertised. Cool star wars items installed.

Peter R., 5/9/2016

Well packaged, wonderful laptop.

Jessica N., 5/9/2016

I love my new laptop! It is perfect and the price was terrific!

Jane, 5/9/2016

Ridiculously fast delivery.

It was promised from 9 to 20 days after the order but it arrived in 3 days. I used to buy custom upgraded laptops from an online site that typically took a few weeks to deliver and don't even offer the SSD upgrades that these guys proficiently installed. I am so pleased with Computer Upgrade King that I just ordered another replacement from them for an old laptop.

Kazman, 5/9/2016

Received the product as expected and on time.

Lee H., 5/9/2016

The item arrived properly packaged and worked as advertised.

Alville, 5/8/2016

Great product just as described

Alejandro M., 5/8/2016

As described and on time.

Tom C., 5/8/2016

Product worked as expected.

David A., 5/8/2016

Works it

Connie P., 5/8/2016


Eric S., 5/8/2016

Super great product and fast delivery

M. Tho, 5/8/2016

Product and service were perfect based on my purchase experience.

I returned the problem as it was a gift and it was not accepted.

Lijun H., 5/8/2016

Great product so far (only had it a few days).

Took about 1-2 days longer than expected, but the actual product was delivered exactly how described.

CUK Customer, 5/8/2016

Got exactly what I ordered and in the time expected. No complaints.

Jessica L., 5/7/2016

Arrived on time, and was as advertised. Strong and runs everything I need

CUK Customer, 5/7/2016

Everything was prompt and perfect

Sharon M., 5/7/2016

Very happy with the purchase

Was looking for a travelling laptop. Compact and light weight.

David W., 5/7/2016

Son loves it.

Missy L., 5/7/2016

Good product works great

SECZ, 5/6/2016

Very pleased with my laptop so far.

Easy to set up, fast actions, handles Photoshop easily, and the sound is amazing.

Cecelia, 5/6/2016

Best offer in the market.

Byung L., 5/6/2016

Good job arrived on time

Larry S., 5/6/2016

Survives being owned by a 10 year old boy. Enough said.

Terri, 5/6/2016

Very Good Service

Nilay P., 5/6/2016

Love My Laptop

CUK Customer, 5/6/2016

Great product, was everything I was looking for.

Only real issue I had was that when I opened the box the box had 8 GB of ram as a description so I was concerned. Then I turned it on and everything was fine. Would have been nice if a new label was placed over the specs for the original laptop before the upgrades were performed. Overall excellent service and prompt delivery.

Gregory I., 5/6/2016

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